Felipe Lima

Senior Software Developer


About me

I have 10+ years of experience in requirements gathering, architecting, and developing web applications.

I'm the founder and developer of ScaffoldHub.io.

I work remotely, helping companies around the world to build high quality web applications.

I used to teach programming on my YouTube channel.

Top skills


I've been following and studying the Javascript ecosystem since 2011. I have fluency in it, from the oldest versions to ECMAScript 2018. Javascript was my best career investment. It's the web browser's language, it has a backend version (NodeJS) and the strongest developers community.

React and Redux

React is my favorite view framework. It's the one that gives me more transparency and power. I love the way Redux manages the application state. There is no best kit for clean code and maintainability for the frontend than those two. I have fluency in both. You can check my work at ScaffoldHub.io.


NodeJS is a server environment for Javascript. The best thing is that you can transfer your entire javascript knowledge to the backend development. You just have to learn the specifics of backend, like handling https requests, interacting with the file system, etc.

APIs (GraphQL & Rest)

I have fluency in both GraphQL and Rest types of APIs.


Call me old fashion, but SQL is my first database choice. Any data is only a few joins away (which is not true for NoSQL) and you can handle billions of requests per second with a well configured PostgreSQL and database indexes. I've been working with SQL since college (2008). I can create complex queries, profile it, configure indexes, etc.

Google Cloud Platform and Firebase

I'm not a server guy, so I trust Google Cloud to manage the infrastructure for me. I have a ton of experience with Firebase (Authentication, Storage, Database, Firestore and Functions) and with javascript related Google Cloud Platform tools. I’ve created a bunch of NodeJS servers, Firestore databases, configured PubSubs, Cloud Storage, IAM, etc.

Analysis and Problem Solving

With software you don't have all the answers upfront, but surely there's no problem that can't be solved, given the proper time and money. I face uncertainty with a positive mindset because I know that all the answers are out there, you just need to know how to look for them.

Clean Code

I had the chance to work on projects that improved over time and in all of them, teammates appreciated clean code. My favorites books on the topic are Clean Code by Robert Martin and Refactoring (Javascript Edition) by Martin Fowler. I revisit them often to keep my clean code mentality.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is the greatest invention in software development. It seems counter intuitive to write more lines of code, but on the middle-long term, the confidence you gain by knowing you can refactor the software with low risks, worth it. I'm not a 100% code coverage fan, because it makes it too painful to change, but tests based on features, on the highest levels of the code (APIs, for example), worth their weight in gold.

Other skills


I'm as good with UI/UX as a non specialist can be. I know how to use frameworks and follow patterns to create elegant UIs.


Although I'm more a SQL guy, I know the cases when NoSQL databases are superior. For those cases I can model you a performant NoSQL structure especially with MongoDB.


Angular is the first javascript framework I worked with. I know it since its birth. You can check my work at ScaffoldHub.io.


I’ve created a few projects with Vue. You can check my work at ScaffoldHub.io.


I worked with Java projects most part of my career, but I don't update myself on it anymore. I'm not the guy to create you an infrastructure/architecture, but for sure I can maintain it.


As I've mentioned, I have more experience with Google Cloud, but I’ve configured a few servers, S3 and lambdas, so I can handle the basics.


Business Management (Graduate Studies)
Federal University of Technology - Paraná
2012 - 2013

System Development and Analysis (College Degree)
Federal University of Technology - Paraná
2008 - 2011


Portuguese (Main)

English (Full professional proficiency)